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What is BioFert?

BioFert is TerraLink's brand of certified organic fertilizers and soil amendments. BioFert was created with the intent to provide highly effective plant nutrition for use in sustainable commercial agriculture.

The BioFert brand is comprised of a wide range of specialized liquid, granular, and water-soluble fertilizers as well as soil amendments for open field fruits and vegetables, greenhouse crops, nursery stock, professional turf, landscapers, etc. When you buy a BioFert product, you know that the product will either have a Ecocert or an OMRI certification, and will be suitable for organic production.


TerraLink is locally owned and operated by a team of people with extensive horticultural and agricultural experience. BioFert products feed plants and support the soil.

Here are some BioFert Products:


BioFert Cal-O is an organic calcium fertilizer free of chlorides. It is formulated using a natural chelation process which makes it a unique product. In addition to calcium, it also provides organic acids and boron.

Organic Premium

BioFert Organic Premium 7-2-4 is organic granular fertilizer enriched with calcium, magnesium and sulphur.


BioFert BioFish 2-1-0 is an organic liquid fertilizer for all crops. Besides drenching, BioFish can be used in drip and foliar applications because of its unique formulation. In addition to providing nutrients, BioFish also enhances microbial activity in soil and increases nutrient availability for plants.


BioFert Super Phos 3-7-3 is an organic high phosphorus starter fertilizer with other key nutrients to boost early growth and plant establishment.

Want more?

For the complete range of all organic products available at TerraLink, visit the TerraLink website and see our Organic Product Listing.

BioFert is a TerraLink Brand

TerraLink has been manufacturing fertilizers for half a century. But we don't just do plant nutrition. We also distribute crop protection products, forage/turf seed, and supplies for growers and producers. At TerraLink, we don't just sell you products - our knowledgeable and friendly staff is here to provide you with helpful advice and solutions for all your growing needs.

International Customers

BioFert is a Canadian brand. If you are interested in importing BioFert's organic fertilizers and amendments into your local market, please contact us.

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